Please read carefully

Last updated: 04/04/22

Sunday Services in St Mark's

The following guidance is from 04/04/2022

We are keeping up to date with the government guidance as it changes due to Omicron and will implement any revised guidance. We take decisions to keep congregation members and ministers as safe as possible. St Mark's is open for services but still with some COVID restrictions in place until cases locally reduce. We have stopped asking for the congregation to book into services since Test & Trace no longer need that information.

Please do join us online for services and prayer if you cannot make it in person.

When the church is open, if you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend St Mark's until you have a negative lateral flow test result.

If you would prefer not to attend in person for any reason, you can join the service live online by visiting our YouTube channel, or tapping the link on the homepage.

Social Distancing - Please continue to maintain social distance when arriving and leaving and also during the service.

Cleaning - We keep a log of all activity inside the church building. Only high touch surfaces or objects are cleaned thoroughly and regularly (recent research indicates that it is unlikely to transmit COVID from surfaces). Additionally, we have temporarily suspended the use of the air-blown hand dryers in our toilets, replacing these with paper towels.

We provide antiviral hand sanitiser for your use when you arrive, but would remind you that washing your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds before attending and after returning home is still advised.

While Inside - Once you have taken a seat please remain there and do not change seats. Mask wearing is now optional.

Communion - While we cannot share communion in the normal way, we are using wafers dipped in wine distributed by the minister, so the congregation do not have to move around the church.

Sharing the Peace - Our normal sharing of the peace is suspended until further notice. Some services may include a contactless version of the peace.

Sung Worship - We may play recorded music during services or live music. The PERFORM research suggests that volume is the key to potential COVID spread, so music group will be miked up and no seating will be allowed close by. We ask the congregation to sing at normal conversation volume.

Collections - A plate will be available to leave donations in as you leave the church. Alternatively, ask a member of the worship team to donate using contactless card payment, or donate online.

Coffee - We have just restarted our refreshments after joint services between St Marks and The Beacon. This is operated in a COVID safe way, maintaining social distance.

Not Attending? - If you're unable to attend St Mark's for any reason, we continue to stream our services online so you can join remotely. You can join the stream by visiting our YouTube channel, or clicking the link on the homepage.